Packaging Components

Product Presentation of Huahai Pharmaceutical Packaging Company.

The main productsinclude high-density polyethylene bottles and polypropylene caps forpharmaceuticals.
US FDA approvedprimary pharmaceutical containers: includes the 40cc, 75cc, 150cc and 300cc high-densitypolyethylene bottles and 33mm-400 polypropylene caps (Drug Master File No.: 27857).

US FDA Food-Graderaw materials used.

Approved as Direct Food Contact Grade by FDA, the rawmaterials meet the 21 CFR Standard.

Comply with USP<661> and USP <671>.

The bottle mouth diameter conforms to theinternational standards.

The products comply with YBB00112002 andYBB00122002.

Child-resistantclosure system available on polypropylene cap

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