research institutions

Integrated R&D System

Huahai Pharmaceutical has being adhering to the strategy of innovation-driven business development and has built an international R&D system with strong capability, enhanced the collaboration among the company, academic and research instituation, and attracted and retained international pharmaceutical leading talents to revitalize the national pharmaceutical industry.
The Company has built an integrated R&D system in the United States, Shanghai, and Linhai, enabling effective collaboration and utilization of its R&D resources. Currently, more than 400 employees hold master or PhD degree.

  • US R&D – Huahai US INC. leads the exchange of frontier pharmaceutical technology intelligence, the development of innovative drug, patent-challenging products, and first-imitation drug, and filing for product registration to the US FDA.
  • Shanghai R&D – Huahai Zhangjiang R&D Center leads the independent research of patentable know-how, the development of Me-too drug, development of new dosage forms and biopharmaceutical R&D.
  • Linhai R&D – the R&D Center in the headquarter leads the technical improvement of API manufacturing, and the development of formulation process with proprietary intellectual property rights.

Multi-level R&D institutions

As a key hi-tech and innovation-oriented enterprise of China, we have a national enterprise technology center recognized by 5 ministries/commissions of China, with a national post-doctoral scientific research station.

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