Being Grateful

As a pioneer of the globalization of China’s pharmaceutical industry, we would not have obtained the achievements today without the support of allsectors of society. We consider it our responsibility to contribute to the societal objectives.

  • Campaign of "Sailing for Dreams"

    The growth of the company has been accompanied by love along the way. While building up its business success,Huahai Pharmaceutical has continuously made unremitting efforts for the creation of a harmonious society. Since 2007, Huahai Pharmaceutical has donated 25 million RMB to China Charity Federation as a student grant titled with its name, helping outstanding poverty-stricken students to pursue their desire for further education in college. It perseveres in contributing to charity and public welfare, which is also the mission and responsibility of Huahai Pharmaceutical to give back and contribute to the society.

  • Campaign of “Care for Teachers”

    Devoted to the charity that makes him happy, Chen Baohua has always been committed to philanthropy. As student of the Class of 1979 in Taizhou Middle School, he pays attention to the development of his alma mater. This time he personally funds the scholarship and faculty fellowship, with a period preliminarily set as 10 years (2016-2026), to reward the students in Linhai, who are admitted to Peking University and Tsinghua University, and their teachers every year.

  • The Most Popular Employer Award

    Recently, Huahai Pharmaceutical received the Most Popular Employer Award from Zhejiang University of Technology (ZUT), at ZUTs 2018 School-Enterprise Cooperation Seminar.

    Talents are the important asset of a company. Huahai Pharmaceutical has established long-term collaborative relationships with universities/colleges. The  collaboration built between the school and the company targeting Close Collaboration, Complementary Advantages, Resource Sharing& Common Development improves the brand influence among the students, and increases the confidence level of the company to provide a better platform to enable the students to pursue their dreams.

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