Being Happy

It’s our core value that “Employees are the most valuable asset of Huahai”. We treat every employee with dignity and their contribution enabled the company’s accomplishment. We value the development of our employees and strive to achieve win-win for both the company and employees. We also value the well being of our employees’ families. We set up the Filial Piety Fund for the parents of our employees and we believe an appreciating person comes with a strong sense of responsibility. We are working together with every one of our employees, building a happy Huahai.

  • The Huahai Family

    It’s our desire to extend the warmth of home to every corner of thecompany, and provide every employee with the best care.

    We offer shuttle service so that our employees could enjoy safe and comfortable ride between home and the site.

    We offer condominium, to employees from far, so that they feel being at home.

    We set up nursing room, for the new moms, to meet their needs with comfort and privacy.

    Birthday cards and cake coupons, red envelope for the newly-weds, various kinds of welfare, subsidies, condolences, and “four must visit", all we want our employees being happy working for the company.

    Bringing together the talents to materialize the mission and vision of the company.

  • Build the Joint Development Bridge of Home and Enterprise

    The reverence for parents is considered in Chinese ethics the prime virtue and the basis of all right human relations.

    Out of the respect to the traditional Chinese“Filial Piety culture, Huahai Pharmaceutical has set up the Filial Piety Fund, for the parents of its employees, to further improve their moral, and to enhance their sense of responsibility towards their families, their work and their teams.

    Since July 2016, for the parents of every voluntarily enrolled employee, they will receive total 300 RMB on a monthly basis, among which 150 RMB is the contribution of the employee, with a 1:1 match by the company. Every half a year, the amin and HR departments will call all parents to check whether they have received the “Filial Piety Fund.

  • Members of the Enterprise Family

    Small Stage, Amazing Performance.

    "A Bite of Huahai" and an absolute feast of delicacy! 30 chefs from various subsidiaries and departments of the company showed their cooking talents.

    "The Cutest Huahai Baby Competition"

    "Baby Talent Show". Singing,dancing, poetry, painting, and puzzles, and nothing is difficult for our babies.

    Approximately 100 parents and their babies participated in a variety of family fun games, including "Family Fun SportGames", "Two People on Three Feet", "Stepping on the bigfeet", "Kangaroo Relay", "Put on Shoes for Mom andDad", etc.

    The Huahai Pharmaceutical Neighbor Festival brings the distance among Huahai employees closer and creates a stronger sense of the Huahai family.

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