Being Environmental Sustainable

We consider the environment protection the foundation of the company's sustainability and have established the environmental management principle of “Development in Harmony with Environment Protection”. Under the direction of transformational upgrade, adopting green process, and backed up by management measures on automation, informationizationand containment, Huahai Pharmaceutical is becoming the model as an environmental friendly enterprise. The company is the first pharmaceutical company in China, recognized as the “National Environmentally Friendly Enterprise”.

  • Let's Add Green to the Earth

    Huahai Pharmaceutical actively participates in the construction of green medicine town. Every year, it organizes employees to participate in various kinds of tree-planting activities,to materialize the commitment of “Development in Harmony with Environment Protection” and to protect our mother nature.

  • We Are the Emissary to "Transmit Green"

    On June 3, 2018, to celebrate the 47th World Environment Day, the company held a running activity under the theme of“Protecting the Environment and Go Green" in Linghu Scenic Area. More than 400 employees and their families participated in event to promote the mission of environmental protection.

    As a member of the pharmaceutical industry in Linhai City,Huahai Pharmaceutical adopts the concept of “Development in Harmony with Environment Protection” and has been focusing on environmental protection. The running event helps to raise the awareness of the environment protection in the public, and in the meanwhile, it makes every Huahai people a propagator, practitioner, and promoter of environmental protection, to create a greener Linhai.

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