CMO & Other Serrices

      The scope of the CMO (Contract Manufacturer Organization) service includes the process development, formula development, medicines for clinical trials , the production of the active pharmaceutical ingredients either for chemical or biological medicines, the intermediates, the formulated products (including lyophilization technology) and packaging.
  • Our Advantages in R&D:
          We drive thedevelopment byinnovation and the collaboration among the three R&D centers (located in the US, Shanghai,andLinhai), and theC-EMAT Advanced Analysis Center enables theeffective interaction and integration of the R&D resources, including information, human resources,and technologies. The R&D Institute is equipped with not only theconventional instruments such as liquid chromatography, gas chromatography anddissolutionapparatus, but also more advanced instrument including LC/MS, NMR,and X powder diffractometer etc.. It has more than 1,000 experienced R&D staff, including 10from the National Recruitment Program of Global Experts, 14 from Provincial Recruitment Program of Global Expertsand more than 400 staff with master ordoctor degrees. At present, more than 300 declared projects have been completed and highly recognized by customers.
  • Our Advantages in Quality:
          We adopt the "Total Quality Management" concept, managing each step in the product life cycle. We also provide systematic training to our staff, enhancing quality awareness. To date, our products have been officially certified by various national/regional authorizations, includingChina, the United States, the European Union, Japan, WHO, Australia, Mexico, and Turkey.
  • Our Advantages in Capacity:
          The API manufacturing capacity is mainly located inLinhai, Zhejiang and Nantong, Jiangsu, with anannual production capacity for APIs and intermediates exceeds 3,000 tons per year. All production facilities and equipment are designed strictly in accordance with international cGMP standards. The production sites have the technical capabilities and expertise to perform conventional chemical synthesis, green synthesis, enzymatic technology and purification process to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients that are controlled to meet the regulatory requirements for their quality, purity and potency.
          In 2000, we successfully entered the finished dosagemarket, utilizing the advantage of the vertical integrated supply chain. Themanufacturing site for finished dosage products is located in Linhai, Zhejiang Province, designed in strict accordance with cGMP standards and equipped withadvanced pharmaceutical equipment from internationally recognized brands. The annual capacity for the solid oral dosage is 20 billion units and that for injection is 20 million (solution and lyophilization). In addition, it is equipped with controlled/sustainedrelease laser penetrating and multi-layer capability.
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